Researchers, Scientist Question Food Fortification.

According to the New York Times (1/31, O’Connor, 9.97M), recent studies have found that “people are exceeding the safe limits of nutrient intakes established by the Institute of Medicine” as more foods are being fortified with vitamins and minerals to meet consumer demand for such products. Researchers note that the vitamins that are the most widely used to fortified products, “are already plentiful in the average person’s diet.” Mara Z. Vitolins, a registered dietitian and professor of epidemiology and prevention at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center stated that for “general population today, there is no scientific justification for a high intake of vitamins and minerals.” The Times notes that efforts by the FDA in the 1970s to restrict “the number of foods that could be fortified” was “shot down” and led to Congress restricting the FDA’s “authority over fortification and dietary supplements.”
So . . .
Do what your mother said “. . . eat a well balanced diet; eat your fruit and vegetables!”